Washington State
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Welcome to Victory Fireworks West, LLC

We are a wholesale company. We only sell full cases.



STOCK STATUS LIST Please note that inventory is not "guaranteed" and does change often from now until July 4th. When you place your order, it does not guarantee that all items will be available when your order is picked.

NOTE: We will be recieving product right up to the 4th. This stock list is for reference only and does not guarantee the availablity of any items.


2021 Winter Price List is now available. Please email info@victoryfireworkswa.com for current pricing.


We are open 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Thurday and after hours by appointment.

Location and Directions: click here.

Washington State

Home of Pyro King and Pyro Valu brand fireworks. We are a wholesaler of consumer fireworks. We carry only the best of all possible brands including Brothers Pyrotechnics, Shogun, Cannon, Black Cat, etc.

Pictures and Video

Pictures and videos of our fireworks can be found by clicking here or at myvictoryfireworks.com, pyroking.com, pyrovalu.com and on You Tube, www.youtube.com/victoryfireworks.

Order from Our Main Warehouse

Victory Fireworks' main warehouse is located in Ellsworth, WI. Ordering information can be found at www.victoryfireworksinc.com or by contacting us at (715) 273-3590 or sales@victoryfireworksinc.com.

Our main wholesale price list contains over 800 different fireworks. We have more than 95 exclusive fireworks in our Pyro King, Pyro Valu and Pyro Premium brands.



WA LC# C-04226 LINK


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